Class 1 French Translation: Done! Rereading: to be reread by peers & checked for inline citations with french Capital
Class 2 French Translation: …Being translated…
Class 3 French Translation: …Being translated…
Class 4 French
Class 5 French
Class 6 French
Class 7 French
Class 8 French
Class 9 French
Class 10 French
Class 11 French
Class 12 French
Class 13 French

French reference (page number & inline citations):
K. Marx - Le Capital, Tome 1: livre I - Folio essais - juin 2008 - ISBN=2070355748
K. Marx - Le Capital, Tome 2: livre II et III - Folio essais - juin 2008 - ISBN=2070355756

Manur : my references for Class 1 : : I guess it's the same as above, as it's the Lachâtre 1872 edition (translated by J. Roy).
It has the advantage of being public domain, but it's a mediocre work (Marx was not very satisfied, even then). In translating Class 1 subtitles, I discovered that some sentences from the original are even missing !
A much better translation is the Quadrige/P.U.F. 1983 one by J.P. Lefebvre :, to which I relied for passages very badly translated by Roy or missing from his work.

David Harvey is using the Penguin Classic edition for his page number references.
The version I gave was not complete and other texts (e.g. on are the popular edition which is a reorganization of the work.
In order to uniformize, we must should and stick with the same french reference for all courses.
I'll have a look to Quadrige 1983.

The Folio essais has known two versions of the book:
both under the direction of Maximilien Rubel and translated by Roy (I have to check)

If your suggestion is better, I will switch to it.

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